Creative Commons, U.S. Department of Education, and Open Society Foundations present

Why Open Education Matters

Create a short video that explains the benefits and promise of Open Educational Resources for teachers, students and schools everywhere.

Explain difficult issues with common daily situations.

Submitted by Reinis Apsāns, Kristīne Orleāne

Teachers, professors and other members of Latvian educational system have been discussing for a long time a serious problem - necessity to introduce new, innovative methods in attainment of study material acquisition, since cramming instead of comprehension of given material has become the main problem.
The establishers of Latvian Education Foundation are aware of and old already proven method of the comprehension - explaining difficult issues with common daily situations and similarities. These examples - here called models, are made by Latvian students and they are being improved. At the moment most of the models are in Latvian language, but the homepage is being translated into English as well. Teachers widely use these models in their lessons but for wider audience they were not available, as they never left the wall of concrete school, so this is where YOU come in!

Video edited by Monta Apsāne.