Creative Commons, U.S. Department of Education, and Open Society Foundations present

Why Open Education Matters

Create a short video that explains the benefits and promise of Open Educational Resources for teachers, students and schools everywhere.

Tavaana: E-Learning Institute for Iranian Civil Society

Submitted by Mariam Memarsadeghi

There are places in the world where thinking and learning are violently repressed. Ideas about human rights and open societies are forbidden. Instead, rote learning and ideological hatred are forced on young minds.

And yet, as humans have always done, Iranians have found the means to pursue their love of thinking. The internet has provided them with the means to connect with each other, with others in the free world, and with the ideas that can help them to achieve an open society with fairness, justice, and tolerance, an open society that honors the full spectrum of universal human rights for every girl and boy, every woman and man.

Tavaana is an free, open-access e-learning institute that anonymously and securely educates civic minded Iranians from cities, towns and villages throughout the country. Tavaana students learn from each other and from global experts. They freely explore, discover, question, and think about the future they want for their country. They gain the skills and the knowledge to build the institutions, laws, trust and civic spirit that can reverse decades of oppression. Tavaana students empower themselves with civic knowledge, then spread their knowledge to others...


This video, submitted to the Why Open Education Matters Competition on behalf of the E-Collaborative for Civic Education, is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.