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Why Open Education Matters

Create a short video that explains the benefits and promise of Open Educational Resources for teachers, students and schools everywhere.

Smashing Cameras - "Open Education Resource!" (Official Music Video)

Submitted by Colin Walsh

New single "Open Education Resource" by Smashing Cameras

Smashing Cameras consists of:
Andrew Errico
Tommy McAuliffe
Ethan Vara
Brian Walsh
Colin Walsh

Original music by Colin Walsh, lyrics by Tommy McAuliffe
Video directed and filmed by Ethan Vara
Video edited by Brian Walsh and Colin Walsh

Big thanks to everyone that helped make this video possible!
Open Educational Resources are the future!


Open Education Resource!
"Hey, What's that?"
Well if you must ask, just listen to our rap
"Well ok, I'll give it a stab!"
Then please take a seat in the back of our class

Open Education Resource, OER for short
Is a way to learn for people of all sorts
They come in different forms, such as an online course
An online text or something that can be much more
They're free in both fees and in legality
'Cause they're open licensees or they're public domainees
Allowing access easily to all that want to see
By skipping the need for the rights to a copy

Open Education Resource!
"What are they for?"
To help learn and explore in a way that's just yours
"In that case, I'll try 'em for sure!"
Then be sure to listen up because we've got plenty more

It's a way to educate that is brand new
That's like how it is today but customized to you
A few things that you can do allow you to make
Your learning tools into their most effective state
Through the four R's they let you reuse,
Remix, revise, and wait, redistribute too
Meaning anyone can view or even make a change
To OERs and you will never need to pay

Open Education Resource!
"What is their role?"
They're the bold future of education as a whole
"I've got to tell you, I'm just about sold!"
Well wait just a second, you've got more to be told

They are one solution to school's paper pollution
By choosing to use all digital materials
And this'll start reducing the spending that we're doing
On useless books of old instead of the pay roll
Or purchase other goods that many schools could
Put to good work and get their money's worth
As I'm sure they would if they just understood
OERs could be the perfect tool for research

Open Education Resource!
"Where can they be found?"
There's more than you can count online and all around
"Wow, I really like way that sounds!"
Oh I'm sure you do so let's break it down

While online you will find most OERs are there
Like try out MIT's Open Course Ware
Where there's a fair share of courses of all kinds
Or if you care for lighter fare it's Khan Academy time
The best bet for online texts is CK-12
If what you expect is not met then change it yourself
Each source itself contains a wealth about its subject
So sell the books on your shelf and check out the web

Open Education Resource!
"Can this be real?!"
I know they're quite the steal for being such a deal
"They're the way to go, my opinions sealed!"
When it comes to OERs we knew that's how you'd feel